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It has to be Cookon

Chefs and experienced restaurant owners who swear by Cookon do so because Cookon’s Australian-made, hardy and long-lasting commercial kitchen equipment can be relied on for years of trouble-free service. Once installed, our customers rarely need to think about the product again except for regular maintenance. With hundreds of covers to get through every day, they need kitchen supplies that go the distance and won’t let them down in every venue. They’ve said, “It has to be Cookon” for homegrown hardiness and service you can count on.

Cookon has always been focused on simple, practical innovations that help hospitality businesses reduce hassle and function reliably. Because Cookon is based in Brisbane, Australia, we can manufacture and freight to anywhere in Australia much faster than an import, and we’re always at the end of the phone if you need help or spare parts. Our industry leading Three Year Parts and Service Warranty is the promise of our legendary performance.


The Indestructible Australian

Since 1971, Cookon has always kept up on building quality commercial cooking equipment for sale in Brisbane, Australia. Throughout the challenges of 2020-21, Cookon again came to the fore for rapid delivery and service as the nation returned to Australian-made and almost indestructible products. Putting a Cookon machine in your commercial kitchen is a set and forget proposition.

From our famous ripple pan deep fryers to our high-performance gas grills, convection ovens, “plug and play” electric pizza ovens, cooktops, and Kaybee Oil Filters, Cookon proudly wholesale catering supplies manufactures a range of industrial staple, sturdy products that are always in demand for their simple design, excellent performance and ease of service. You won’t need to think about it again when you install a Cookon appliance, whether from our Catalogueue range or a spectacular custom-designed and built piece. Whatever you produce in your kitchen, Cookon’s performance and reliability will back you.

Char grilling to perfection

The CRG high-performance commercial charcoal grill is one of Cookon’s flagship products. It’s the #1 choice for many of Australia’s leading steakhouses. The CRG gives you perfect control over your cooking surface. You can use part of it or, for those big days, stack steaks and cuts wall to wall on a powerful, 1800-wide CRG char griller.

Queensland’s Moo Moo, Brisbane’s famous Breakfast Creek Hotel and Melbourne’s Meatmaiden restaurant rely on the Cookon CRG Grill, a commercial kitchen appliance, to perfectly cook their superior cuts. In Brisbane at the Royal National Show, the EKKA chefs cook 4,000-6,000 weekly meat cuts on a 600mm wide CRG High-Performance Grill.

Any pub, club, hotel bar or cafe that takes pride in the quality of its char-grilled food can rely on this powerful, reliable commercial grill. The CRG puts the power of fire into a gas grill. The Cookon CRG puts the power of fire into a gas grill. From 600 to 1800 wide, there’s a Cookon CRG Char Grill for kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Support 100% Australian-owned quality kitchen equipment suppliers.

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Reliable performance and energy efficiency

Ours are the “go to” commercial deep fryers for the busiest fish and chipperies and restaurants.

Cookon’s single and twin venturi high performance burners give maximum commercial fryer performance without wasting gas. Our renowned “ripple pan” base also gives the user greater recovery times and gets more heat per gas consumption by doubling the area of heated metal in contact with the oil.

Lower flue temperatures combined with Cookon’s overall energy efficiency means the higher your volume of covers, the higher the savings over the year; in the thousands of $$.

A solid, Australian-made build means equipment lasts decades, not years, delivering far lower cost of ownership per year for serious hospitality concerns.

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Gas Deep Fryer MCFR

Real, “true blue” convection ovens

Don’t be fooled by ‘fan forced’ when you can count on a true convection oven. Our ‘true blue’ commercial convection ovens are the real deal.

100% Australian made and owned, our high-performance convection oven range features:

  • Maximum cooking space on a small footprint.
  • Wider, deeper, higher-larger internal capacity with bottom-mounted controls.
  • Quality stainless steel lined, built to last.
  • A convenient drop-down door for easy oven access.
  • Heavy-duty racks with multiple positions for maximum loading.

Cookon ovens also demonstrate a considerable $$$ saving on ALL other comparable brands.

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“Plug and play” pizza

You can add delicious, crusty Italian pizza to your menu with nothing but some countertop space and a plug! The Cookon electric pizza oven runs powerfully on single phase 20 amp power (no external hood extraction required), will produce 6 x 10” pizza’s every 6-8 minutes (or 4 large pizza’s) can be placed on a bench (no expensive installation costs) and you can be up and running in a matter of hours.

If your pizza business goes well and you need to add capacity, just stack another Cookon pizza oven on top! In the image at left you will see this configuration working brilliantly at Fonzie Abbott; a beloved Brisbane brewery and restaurant that pivoted to pizza during COVID- their beautiful, crusty Venetian pizzas quickly became a “must have” menu item for pizza lovers across Brisbane!

Cookon’s powerful electric pizza ovens add flexibility, versatility and appeal to any commercial food business that could add value by adding pizza.

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KayBee – the best and safest oil filtration system

One of our customers conducted a Business Case to adopt KayBee commercial oil filter machine as an oil filter system across several busy kitchens. They documented their incumbent deep fryer oil filtration process and purchased 1 KayBee oil filter to run a comparative test. The result? The adoption of KayBee was a “no brainer” on several fronts: Cost savings ($18K per year over 10 sites), vastly increased efficiencies and safety, and increased food and oil quality. Take your kitchen operations to the next level with the Cookon KayBee Oil Filtering System!

  • Improved oil quality
  • Improved food quality
  • Reduced oil usage
  • Much safer for staff to use
  • Decreased cleaning time, significantly.
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"In 1990 I purchased a CookOn Gas Barbecue/Oven top. I still have it, I still use it, it cooks great food, Turkey, Chicken, Roast Beef, Hams. After 33 years the only thing that does not work is the electro/Piezzo lighting system. That stopped in the first few years, but so does every other one. I have never cared and light it with a gas lighter. The thermostat still works in Fahrenheit and Centigrade. I am 75 now and consider this product to be one of the best that I ever purchused. If your company ever needs a product reference please ask them to contact me. "

Ron Owen,
Owen Guns

"Our Cookon High Performance Char Grill is over 2.5 years old and is used all day every day. It’s fantastic!"

John Earls,
Lord Howe Island

“So glad I found Cookon. Not only do you have very good service and products, but I’m so pleased to be able to buy Australian made for my café.”

Mary K, Owner,
Mary's On May,

"It is great to actually see outstanding quality Australian Made Equipment is still available! Yes we were surprised when we actually saw the factory where Cookon Equipment is built!!"

David and Linda,
Sunshine Coast

“Prompt, friendly and efficient service. Thank you!”


"Thank you, it was great to see your impressive folio of competed projects as well as the equipment."

Anna G,
Executive Interior Designer,
DBI Design,
Gold Coast and Brisbane,

"Big thanks to your team for the fantastic products and service you provide."

Winston Hills

"Awesome work! Thanks again for your assistance."

Jared I,
Hunter & Barrel,

"Register extreme excitement this end guys. It looks amazing. Let’s cook!"

Fins Restaurant,
Byron Bay

"Many thanks for your assistance. Some great ideas, incorporating functionality in design."

Dawn A,
Senior Hospitality Consultant,

"I like, like, like. Actually, fantastic!"

Ian H,
General Manager,
Best Western Premier,

"All of our custom equipment built by Cookon has been built to last. You can feel it in the quality. The precision with which things fit together shows that everything has been built to mm precision with durability in mind."

Deniz Coskun,
Group Executive Chef,
Mantle Group Hospitality,

"Cookon's service, from the moment I email the concept design through to them I am immediately looked after, working with their draftsman to turn my sketch into a 3d drawing, through to delivery onsite. Their service is second to none."

Deniz Coskun,
Group Executive Chef,
Mantle Group Hospitality

“We were looking at another top-of-market brand but the unique ripple design of the Cookon commercial fryer pan bases halves our gas bill, because it doubles the amount of heated steel touching the oil. It was a no-brainer business decision for us to buy 6 more.”

“Double Good”, “Chocolate Komberry Co” and “The Doughnut Bar”.,
Kombi Alley,
Eat Street Hamilton

Commercial Cooking Equipment You Can Rely On

Cookon specialises in manufacturing and hand-welding the highest-quality stainless steel commercial cooking equipment, and we can be responsive to our customers because we’re local. We’re owned by the long-standing and respected firm Langford Metal Industries, who have long specialised in top-quality stainless-steel fabrication. Suppose our excellent range of Catalogue products doesn’t quite suit your needs. In that case, Cookon employs a team of in-house designers who work closely with our customers (and some of Australia’s most prominent commercial kitchen and industrial kitchen design businesses) to transform any bespoke commercial kitchen vision into a reality. A well-designed and built kitchen results in inspired cooking, efficient, safe processes, and long years of use without issue.

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