Average lifespan of commercial food service equipment


Collecting necessary information on the efficiency and reliability of commercial kitchen equipment is a prerequisite of buying them. A food service business, such as a restaurant or a café’s sales depends a lot on the efficiency of the catering equipment being used in the kitchen. Whether you are deciding to buy new or used catering equipment, there are a few things that should be considered first. One of those factors is the average lifespan of the catering equipment you need.

Knowing about the lifespan of equipment you need would help you make an informed decision before you buy them for your commercial kitchen. Let’s take a look at average lifespans of some widely used commercial catering equipment:

Commercial deep fryer

Fryers are something that always need to be on the run. That is why grease and debris build up reduces its efficiency and might become a fire hazard. You need to clean it regularly and do proper servicing in order to make it last longer. If you take care of the thermostat, burners and the pilot light properly, your commercial deep fryer will provide efficient performance for many years.

Commercial ovens & Gas cooktops

If you have a commercial gas cooktop, you already know that making it last longer takes proper maintenance. You can easily make your oven and gas cooktop last for many years by cleaning and servicing it properly.

Commercial pizza ovens

Twin decked pizza ovens that run on electricity are usually the best choice for busy commercial kitchens, although the deck choice might be mild steel or ceramic. The life span of a pizza oven can be extended by many years with proper use and maintenance.

The key to keep your commercial kitchen equipment running smoothly is thorough maintenance. If you clean them regularly, avoid build-up of grease and food debris, do proper servicing when they need it and monitoring their overall efficiency, you can make anything last as long as you want. Regular monitoring will help you identify problems that need to be solved immediately and timely seek after sales support from the manufacturer.

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