Don’t be fooled by ‘fan forced’ when you can get ‘true convection’.


‘True blue’ convection ovens for hard working kitchens.

Why ‘true’?

Many ovens merely use back -of-oven placed fans to move ambient heat around the oven. Our ovens distribute the true oven temperature throughout the oven because the fab draws directly from the heat source, resulting in a far more predictable cooking experience with more cavity space.

Why ‘blue’?

Of course, Cookon is 100% Australian made and owned!

Our heavy duty Cookon convection ovens:

  • feature larger internal capacity due to bottom mounted controls. Others mount the oven controls on the side taking up valuable internal oven space. Our are wider, deeper and higher internally giving maximum. cooking space on a small footprint.
  • are all stainless steel lined 
  • have a drop-down door to assist with loading/unloading/basting roasts/turning product – so much better than a barn door style oven.
  • are supplied with heavy duty racks and four rack positions inside the oven allowing maximum loading.

Our ovens are not only the best on the market but also show a considerable $$$ saving on ALL other comparable brands. 

Don’t be fooled by fan forced , when you can count on high-performance convection.

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