Extreme Grilling – are you ready for a sizzling summer?

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Our lineup of heavy duty, high performance char grills are in stock and good to go. 

The Cookon CRG High Performance Char Grill is one of our flagship product lines. A great all-rounder, for any pub, club, hotel, bar or café that takes pride in the quality of its char-grilled food. The RNA Showgrounds, Pimpama Hotel and many other well-known venues use these grills to cook their steaks to perfection. At the Royal Queensland Show (EKKA) each year, the chefs at the Royal International Convention Centre cook 5000 chops and steaks in a week, on our powerful CRG 900mm (second from left). They are installed all over Australia (and the world!) and are built to last.

Quality Australian made and handcrafted stainless steel grills, with regular cleaning and maintenance, these ‘indestructible Australians’ are known to last in high volume environments for decades.

How does it work?

The three levels of heat transfer from our high capacity burners set at 105 mm centres (in comparison to our competitors set every 300 mm) means Cookon commercial CRG grills get more ‘heat to the meat.’ Covering our burners are stainless steel radiants set into an easy to remove/clean frame so no losing pieces in the dish wash area! These radiants effectively protect the burners from juices /marinades and send sear flames to the food being cooked. And on top, strong cut iron branding plates in 170 mm widths making them easy to lift off to clean with no safety risk.

We’ve developed a range to suit any kind of commercial kitchen – from the smallest width (600) to the widest (1800), there is a High Performance CRG Char grill option for every hardworking kitchen.

Are you ready for a summer of extreme char grilled perfection?

Freestanding, countertop, gas, wood or charcoal fired chargrills, our high performance CRG char grills are in stock and ready to go.

Remember, Cookon is the only brand that fully tests each and every appliance BEFORE it is shipped. All commercial equipment is hooked up in our gas test bay, run checked and tested so they require minimum fuss when installed in your premises. Cookon are also the only Australian manufacturer to offer a three year parts and labour warranty as standard.

Why? Because we trust our products.

Find the right high performance commercial char grill for the right commercial kitchen, or customise a Cookon char grill of your own.