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Always use genuine spare parts – so you can Cookon!

“I have used other filters, other than the ones from Cookon, but they clog, much more quickly. These are the best”.

Cookon carries a large range of genuine replacement spare parts and consumables including “the best” oil filter papers proven to maximise the efficiency of our Kaybee oil filter machines.

Our guarantee to all Cookon owners is that we will carry genuine replacement spare parts for a minimum of 7 years after a product has been discontinued. With our industry leading 3 year labour & parts warranty, using genuine parts extends the life and value of your Cookon commercial kitchen equipment.

Read on to find out how.


How genuine oil filter papers protect your Kaybee oil filter machines.

Many of our customers are devoted to the Kaybee oil filtering system for efficiency, safety and cost savings. But did you know you can get even better performance by using the recommended filter papers?

Kaybee is the most reliable oil filtering machine on the market, and one of our most popular pieces of commercial kitchen equipment. A trend in highly unusual requests for warranty service calls led us to do a little investigation into the cause.

This is what we found…

  • The Kaybee machine itself was not the cause of the issues.
  • The use of ‘non-genuine’ Kaybee oil filter papers can actually cause some mild blockages with the impellor which then affects the efficiency of the oil filter machine.

Hence the reason for the increased service calls.

So, using genuine parts (and oil filter papers!) not only extends the life of your Kaybee oil filter machine but also ensures premium oil filtering results – for premium food quality & flavour.


Genuine Spare Parts & reliable service you can count on.

For genuine replacement oil filter papers, new grill grates, knobs, drip trays, trivets, oven racks and any part or consumable you or your customers need to ensure continued high performance and maximum efficiency of your Cookon kitchen equipment, please contact us.

Remember, Cookon is a 100% Australian owned company and our products are Australian made. We ship to anywhere in Australia within a week.

Find out more about Cookon Spare Parts and experience our reliable service for yourself.

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**Please note. Using genuine Kaybee oil filter papers in a Cookon Kaybee  Oil filter machine is required in order to uphold its three year warranty. These papers are available from Cookon spare parts division and your local authorised Cookon dealer.

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