How to increase your business capacity with a Supafryer


If you are in the market for a high performance gas deep fryer to save time, money and increase your business capacity, don’t settle for second best.

First, take a good look at the Cookon Mark II Supafryer and see the difference.


Ticks above the rest

Our Mark II Supafryer is ‘ticks above the rest’ when compared to other commercial deep fryers on the market. With a massive 55 kg per hour frozen product cooking capacity, the Supafryer gets more done, more efficiently, with an amazing design of hand made stainless steel burners generating lower gas usage with lower flue temperatures. (^Mj rating). This means a more comfortable cooking space, less ventilation hood costs, lower oil usage, and lower gas costs.

Not to mention spectacular tasting fried food!

How it works

The temperature is monitored and controlled via a digital controller, giving maximum accuracy and precision when cooking. Send this heat to our handmade and handwelded stainless steel ripple based pan with its own cool zone (it’s so good we give this pan a ten year warranty!) and the results are class leading.

Cookon also includes as standard, not optional extras, a stainless steel fish plate, a stainless steel night lid, rear castors (for mobility), and three large capacity baskets – PLUS Australia’s only three year parts and labour warranty.

Smart operators don’t make equipment decisions based on price alone. So, if you need a high capacity ‘supa’ deep fryer for years of trouble free frying, contact your nearest Cookon Australia-wide authorised dealer – and tick all the boxes on quality and capacity.

Find out more about our Cookon MarkII Supafryer