Keeping it in the family – an Australian success story.


The business behind the Cookon name.

Introducing Langford Metal Industries (LMI) – a proud family owned and operated business and leading player in the Queensland metal industry for nearly 70 years. As one of the region’s largest sheet metal fabricators, LMI has, over time, built a reputation for consistently producing high-quality products that are ‘built to last.’

Established by original owner Bill Langford in 1955, Langford Metal was acquired by Bill’s nephew Glen O’Shanesy in 2005. Working together for more than 30 years, the family philosophy of investing profit back into the business continued. The business grew from strength to strength.

In 2009 LMI bought ‘Cookon commercial kitchen equipment’ to expand their core manufacturing capabilities into different industries – and as a complimentary ‘sister company’ with common synergies, resources and expertise.

From humble beginnings, the family business (including Cookon) now operates from six buildings on a 10,000 sqm company-owned site in Eagle Farm on the Brisbane River. CEO Glen O’Shanesy has 50+ years’ experience in sheet metal manufacture and General Manager Rodney O’Shanesy has 20+ years’ experience in production management. Together LMI and Cookon employ 55 full time people with an average tenure in excess of 10 years and technical expertise and years of experience in sales, manufacturing, and design.

LMI is committed to providing quality local manufacturing for businesses in Australia whilst employing local people and putting money back into the local economy. Both the LMI and Cookon businesses are Australian-owned and operated by 3 generations of the same family.

The future of Australian manufacturing is bright…

In 2020, Langford Metal Industries becomes LMI with a modern new look. The same business with a strong focus on people and reputation as a leading Australian manufacturer of quality goods and service. And with sister company Cookon, our shared values and unshakeable commitment to quality, the future of this Queensland and Australian family success story is bright.

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About LMI – 

‘Anything in metal’…we excel in superior finish and quality. Combining advanced metal fabrication expertise and modern innovation, whatever you need created with metal, we have the experience, capability and know-how to produce it”

“As long-serving suppliers to thousands of clients we maintain our competitive edge by encouraging and responding to their demands. We also take great pride in the workmanship, commitment and attitude of our workforce. Indeed, many of our most innovative and practical ideas come from the shop floor to enable new and pioneering ways of improving what we do, and how we do it.”

Langford Metal is a precision sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, turret punching, CNC bending and plasma cutting specialist. With the latest technology machinery including 5 & 6 KW Trumpf Fiber optic Lasers capable of cutting up to 25 mm mild steel, multiple CNC press bakes, CNC Turret punching and full welding, grinding, polishing capabilities. LMI also has its own powder coating line and electropolishing plant offering the full range of sheet metal manufacturing capabilities in the one shop.

Fuel Tanks | Gym Equipment | Switchboard Cabinets | Decorative Screens | Ute Trays | Control Boxes | Mining Equipment | Automotive | Commercial Cooking Equipment | Balustrading | Door Frames | Industrial Ducting | Machine Components | Electrical Componentry | Tables | Stands | Angle Iron Frames | Outdoor Furniture |

Whatever you need created with metal, we have the experience, capability and know-how to produce it. From one-off construction components to mass produced automotive parts, industrial equipment, commercial kitchens, power supply components, street furniture and more, we are one of Queensland’s largest and longest serving metal manufacturers and fabricators.