Kaybee KBC-1S oil filter machine

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Cookon Kaybee KBC-1S

The midsize oil capacity filter in the Kaybee range offering the ability to filter all brands of deep fryers on the market. It is recommended that your Kaybee filter has an oil capacity of at least 10 litres greater than the oil capacity of the fryer you are filtering. No manual handling of hot oil saves labour, cuts fryer vat cleaning to a matter of minutes. Filtering prolongs the life of your oil by at least 50%, effectively halving your oil costs via our two stage filtering process.

Stainless Steel, Weight: 38 kg, Capacity: 38 Litres.

Filter: Papers: Approved Food Grade Material. Conical 28 cm. Round 41 cm

Swivel Casters: 3

Electic Motor & Pump: 1/3 – 1/2 HP. 50 HZ. 240 Volts. 1475 rpm

Single Phase 10 amp

Cleaning Capacity: Roller Pump Capacity – 15 Litres per minute. Max Speed 1475 rpm

Max Temp 205°C

Dimensions: 390 mm (W) x 680 mm (L) x 600 mm (H) with handle down / 870 mm (H) with the handle up, can be varied on order