Want to reduce your Cooking Oil Costs by up to 50%? Here’s how…

Customers eat out for a variety of reasons, convenience, experience and taste. The food you produce must be on par at least or surpass the quality they themselves produce in order for them to see value. Food purchases can be impulsive or emotional. Even if you’ve brought leftovers to work the intoxicating smell of hot chips might be too hard to pass-by.

Becoming known for good quality food is key to your survival, after all, if you don’t have good food and good customer service, what do you have?

So, what if we told you there was one basic thing you could do that would not only enhance the taste of your food but increase your bottom-line.

Why buy a commercial oil filter machine ?

Talk to Cookon Catering Equipment in Brisbane and see how our commercial oil filter machines can clean your oil regularly. Oil filter machines mean that you don’t have to change your oil as often, this will reduce costs and increase your bottom line.

Clean oil makes a big difference to the taste. When you want to give your clients the best taste possible, a commercial oil filter machine will ensure your cooking oil – and food! – tastes great.

A commercial oil filter machine also means less labour. Imagine not having to change the oil as often!

When oil heats to the right temperature it will perfectly cook the outside of your food and seal it so it cooks perfectly on the inside without a greasy taste. Dirty oil runs the risk of burning if the temperature is too high, and the food doesn’t cook properly at lower temperatures. Why compromise on taste when you can save time, money and maximise the flavour with a trusted high performance commercial oil filter machine.

Buy a commercial oil filter machine and save money.  

A commercial oil filter can help reduce costs and increase your bottom line. If you want to know how you can change your oil less but maximise the flavour, talk to Cookon Catering Equipment in Brisbane. Or contact Cookon and see how an oil filter machine could far-reaching benefits for your food outlet.


In the market for a high performance commercial oil filter machine to add additional value to your hospitality venue? Look no further.