Safety tips for using a commercial deep fryer

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Whilst burns make up a very small portion of hospital visits, they are generally some of the more serious injuries. Whether you are using a domestic or commercial deep fryer it is essential to be cautious and take all necessary safety steps.

A commercial deep fryer is a staple in the food outlet industry. Whilst burns are common place there are steps you can take to minimise their occurrence and severity.


When you consider that a commercial/industrial deep fryer can reach and even exceed temperatures of 190 degrees, it makes sense that you and your staff use with caution. Cookon Catering equipment want to share a few safety tips for a safer working environment;

  • Using a good quality oil will generally have a higher ‘smoke point’ so you can reach high temperatures without the risk of the oil catching fire.
  • Training your staff to use your commercial deep fryer will help prevent accidents. Giving staff an awareness of the potential dangers goes a long way to encouraging safe work practices.
  • Always keep your equipment as clean as possible. Cleaning grease off the deep fryer will not only help prevent fires, it is a tick in the hygiene box too.
  • Always use a thermometer to check the temperature of the oil and never check the heat using your hand.
  • Use a frying basket or tongs to lower and remove food from the oil. Always lower food into the fryer and never throw it in, as splashing oil that touches skin is dangerous and painful. When removing a basket from the fryer always use protective gloves.
  • Keeping your workplace clean and grease-free will prevent slipping and unnecessary accidents.
  • Ensure all staff in your food outlet are wearing gripped shoes to prevent slipping.
  • Always have a wet chemical or fire blanket in close proximity to your commercial deep fryer in case of emergencies.
  • Keep your employees safe and aware by providing signage to warn staff about hazardous areas and situations in the kitchen.


Cleaning your oil is important to the taste of your food and the safety of your kitchen. There are a few safety measures to follow to ensure a safe working environment. It is important to always keep your filters clean and maintained for safe work practices.

You must give oil adequate time to cool down. Your thermometer is a great way to monitor the cooling process. When you drain the oil be mindful that hot oil will burn through a plastic container, so a metal bucket or container would be a better option.

Never try to carry a large container of oil if it is an unmanageable size. Instead use a trolley or ask for help. Common sense in the kitchen is always the best way to protect you and your staff.

Before cleaning any area or surrounding area of your commercial deep fryer, including the exhaust vents and guards, ensure the oil has completely cooled.


Commercial deep fryers can be dangerous, but with the right safety procedures and common sense practice they are a perfectly safe addition to any commercial kitchen.

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